Flight solutions, systems and devices for a wide range of air defense missions and services

  • In-flight equipment
  • Electronic warfare
  • Unmanned aerial systems (UAS)
  • Flight management system
  • Flight training system
  • Integrated flight control system (VegaC4I Air)
  • Optoelectronic system


Solutions, equipment, radar, and professional naval warfare systems, search and rescue, and defense at sea.

  • Equipment onboard ships
  • Naval Electronic Warfare
  • Naval sensors (Radar, ESM)
  • Optoelectronic system
  • AIS, system
  • Integrated management of systems
  • Unmanned maritime patrol system (UAS)
  • An integrated system of command, control, and response at sea (VegaC4I Sea)


Solutions, equipment, radar, and integrated command information system C4I in all areas on the ground, especially security and defense tasks.

  • Land-based unmanned systems
  • Ground-based radar
  • Electronic warfare
  • Positioning system
  • Optoelectronic system
  • FOB/border control
  • An integrated system of ground command, communication, surveillance & intelligence (VegaC4I Land)


Satellite services observe the change of ecosystems on earth, develop space systems for national security, scientific, research, and commercial applications.

  • Satellite observation system
  • Product research and development
  • Ground control station
  • Communications Command (VegaC4I)
  • Space launchpad
  • Research and development of space technology

Cyber & Security

Cybersecurity and safety solutions for Governments, organizations, businesses, and individuals.

  • Network intelligence collection system
  • The safety training system, network security
  • Information network security system, network warfare
  • 24/7 consultation call center system

UAV/ Virtual Simulation

Virtual training and simulation solutions, virtual combat space to support real-world tactics, and UAV unmanned aerial vehicle systems as well as UAV interception solutions, serving national security.

  • Supports multiple Virtual Training and Simulation solutions:
  • Flight Training and Simulation System
  • Tank Shooting and Driving Simulation System.
  • Weapon Simulation System, Shooting for soldiers.
  • Tactical Training and Simulation System.
  • Unmanned aerial vehicle system (UAV)
  • A solution to intercept unmanned aerial vehicles Counter-UAV

Third-Party Maintenance

Warranty and maintenance services for equipment and systems, for civilian and military customers, ensure timely, and accurate support anytime, anywhere.

  • Consulting and building a repair center to ensure quality
  • Service of installation, repair, and maintenance of equipment
  • 24/7 call center system
  • Hotline 1900 988 974 branch 3
  • Measure and test
  • Software design and integration
  • Distribution of spare parts
  • Technology transfer training