Vegastar, with more than 20 years of construction and development, is a pioneer in technology in many fields with the mission of bringing high-tech solutions – Innovative techniques – Breakthrough services to serve, for society.


Vegastar is constantly researching, making efforts, and creating in science, technology, and technology to become a sustainable and prosperous development organization that brings products and services to satisfy customers, contributing to improving the quality of products and services. Quality of social life, and at the same time bring good material and spiritual values to each member.



Third-Party Maintenance

Warranty and maintenance services for equipment and systems, for civilian and military customers, ensure timely, and accurate support anytime,... read more

UAV/ Virtual Simulation

Virtual training and simulation solutions, virtual combat space to support real-world tactics, and UAV unmanned aerial vehicle systems as... read more

Cyber & Security

Cybersecurity and safety solutions for Governments, organizations, businesses, and individuals. Network intelligence collection system The safety training system, network security Information network... read more


Satellite services observe the change of ecosystems on earth, develop space systems for national security, scientific, research, and commercial... read more


Solutions, equipment, radar, and integrated command information system C4I in all areas on the ground, especially security and defense... read more


Solutions, equipment, radar, and professional naval warfare systems, search and rescue, and defense at sea. Equipment onboard ships Naval Electronic Warfare Naval... read more


Flight solutions, systems and devices for a wide range of air defense missions and services.  In-flight equipment Electronic warfare Unmanned aerial systems... read more

Medical, health care

Research and develop application software solutions in the field of medicine and healthcare; update and upgrade the software to... read more

Technology Geospatial

Providing solutions, services & software in the field of geospatial remote sensing for air, sea, land, and space missions. Satellite... read more

Training, Academy

Organize training and training in specialized and specific fields of solutions, products, and software for agencies, organizations, and individuals... read more

Space Technology

Research, development, and implementation of earth observation missions using space technology Support and training for leading international certification in Vietnam... read more

Information Technology

Information technology application solutions and services for many fields: Health, Education, Transport, Agriculture, … Consulting on developing software systems for... read more


VEGASTAR Company officially joined VINASA association

In October 2020, Vegastar Co., Ltd. officially joined Vietnam Software & IT Services Association (VINASA). According to Decision No. 53/2020... read more

Simulation solution – training and training (Simulation)

Simulation solution for training. A simulation system is a combination of hardware and software devices that are used to... read more

Cyber security – Part 1

Cybersecurity is always a challenging issue for organizations, businesses, and individuals. Meanwhile, internet piracy, data theft, hacker attacks, and... read more

Counting elephants using satellite images and AI technology

A team led by researchers at the University of Oxford and the University of Bath in the UK has... read more

Impressive numbers


Year of development



3 Headquarters

Ha Noi & Ho Chi Minh


Master / engineer / senior specialist


Strategic foreign partners have cooperated


The first new technology deployed in Vietnam


Number of provinces at home and abroad that have the system in operation


Number of installed devices

368 thousand

The number of kilometers cars have deployed the system

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