Author - Ngọc Hiền

Bringing Space to Every Doorstep in Vietnam

Countries have their space programs depending on social understanding, financial resource, technical human resource and implementation plan.

In Vietnam, we have advantages at the macro level as our government recognized the benefit and necessary future of space technology rather early, and encouraged us to focus on this difficult field.

geospatial word vegastar APRSAF 28

The difficulties we are facing right now include lack of social knowledge on the use of space technology and EO application, and mobilizing resource from businesses to build a strong collaboration between researchers, businesses and policies.

As a premier player in Space and Geospatial sector in Vietnam, we are focusing on five things:

  1. Building Geospatial database for community’s use;
  2. Building platform and tools for applications;
  3. Training program from basic to advanced;
  4. Creating community awareness through “Talk to Space”;
  5. Building small satellites constellations.

Vietnamese people are very hard working and smart, all we need to do is to activate enthusiasm and spirit of the society for greener planet – surely we can achieve our objectives.

Our dream is:

  • All schools in Vietnam will have Space & Geospatial training program
  • EO applications will be present in all social life
  • Vietnam will be the most active member in the World Space Ecosystem to protect planet Earth

Vegastar was the only Vietnamese brand exhibiting at the 28th Asia-Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum (APRSAF), held in Hanoi from 14-18 November 2022.

The event was jointly-organized by the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Vietnam Space Agency with the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) and the Japan Aerospace Agency (JAXA). This is an annual event to create a bridge between space agencies and businesses in the field of space technology.

Vegastar Group has 23 years’ working experience in high-tech fields such as satellite communication and software development; and only over 5 years in the field of Earth Observation. Ironically, these 5 years have been the most exciting time in my career.

Source: Geospatial Word